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Free Small Elections

Coming soon! Easy-to-use technology provided by a Safevote Election Partner.

You will be able to easily organize fair and anonymous small elections that would traditionally require postal charges and other fees. Increase voter participation, reduce work and eliminate controversies. Can be used for elections, surveys, and decision-making, including Board meeting votes, private elections in associations and schools, by-law changes, budget approval, group decisions, focus groups, and user feedback. The only restriction is that it cannot be used to make more money than what you paid for it -- zero.

Main Features:
No cost. Self-management and self-service. No download. Set up and start your election in minutes. Run any number of secure elections anytime, anywhere. Trusted third-party, verified voter registration included. Candidates and voters know that the votes will remain secret until the election closes. Available third-party verified confirmation when, where, how and by whom voters' ballots are opened for tallying.

For audited Safevote elections, please visit our Product page.

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