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Safevote Election Partner Program

We recognize the value of partnerships to deliver local solutions and satisfy increasing customer requirements. Do you have sales opportunities for Safevote's online election services? Would you like to focus on election clients and let Safevote provide the infrastructure?

Please fill out the form at Contact Us, including a brief description of your partnership goals and strong points. We will contact you shortly.

ZSentry Mail™
Safevote customers are reporting increased voter participation with the ZSentry Ballot product, using the secure email ZSentry™. Privacy, security, no phishing, no spam, and no spoofing.

Safevote customers can use Quimbik to create an "Election Center" page or site that centralizes all running elections, with the Secure Login Ballot product. Quimbik builds high performance custom applications, using Java (J2EE) and other leading edge technologies, for Internet, Intranet & Extranet sites.

Safevote recommends that voters install a network firewall to use with their desktop or phone, to help provide protection from attacks. There are a number of free firewall offers in the market. In addition, voters may also do routine virus scans and verify spyware.

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