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Overview Licensing Public Elections

Safevote can provide all voting services required by your organization. Our services are designed to work together to maximize election integrity, ease of use, voter confidence and turnout.

Our experience since 1999 includes voter & candidate registration, campaigning, online and postal mail ballot creation & delivery, voting, nomination, elections, by-law amendments, Board meetings, scientific surveys, petitions, signing forms, signing power of attorney, printable (PDF) cast-ballot image, running tally, result analysis, and auditing. As the Election Manager, you define how you want Safevote's service to run.

We offer time-tested solutions, with technology first qualified by the California Secretary of State in 2000, and by the Swedish Government's Ministry of Justice Statskontoret in 2001. Our products do not use ActiveX controls or cookies. JavaScript is not required, but may be used for added functionality if the voter wants. Works with Windows, Mac, and Linux, with any current browser. Our products are ADA compliant.

ZSentry Ballot

Provides all election services required. Includes a weekly "Reminder ZSentry Ballot" function that is useful to actively drive voter participation. Very easy for voters to use. Unique access codes (DVC™) are sent to each eligible voter on behalf of the customer by ZSentry Ballot, and used with a single-click. Voters who do not, or cannot, receive the Safevote ballot can vote securely with an online provisional ballot that is directly authorized by the customer, further increasing voter participation. Product features may be customized in order to serve diverse customer needs, including precinct voting, mail ballots and integrated tallying provided upon request. All voters and ballots cast are audited. Request Quote >>

Customer Comments:

"I really liked and appreciated the election results and voter lists you provided. The ZSentry™ ballot process worked very well for our last election."
Norman Veen, PMP, Past President. Project Management Institute, Central Iowa Chapter, IA

"I think the process went more smoothly this time around [with ZSentry™]. I think most members that did the online version found it user friendly."
Coleen Salsbery, RN. Committee for Recognition of Nursing Achievement (CRONA), Stanford Hospital and Packard Children's Hospital, Stanford, CA

Secure Login Ballot

Makes it easier to comply with additional needs of large organizations. Customer can create an "Election Center" page or site that centralizes all running elections. Voters use familiar customer pages for login and can vote spontaneously. Upon login at the customer site using the customer's pages and the customer's directory database, which the customer may change at any moment, Safevote assigns unique access codes (DVC™) to each voter. The DVCs are used automatically by voters, to vote privately and securely using the Safevote process. Precinct voting, mail ballots and integrated tallying provided upon request. All voters and ballots cast are audited. Request Quote >>

Customer Comments:

"Safevote's technology allows the University to use our own pages and trusted login procedure to authenticate the voters, including data from our enterprise directory. The voter goes on to vote using Safevote, while keeping all the privacy and security assurances, and audit, of the Safevote process."
Åsa Rudehäll, Head of Vice Chancellor's Office, Umeå Universitet, Sweden

What election product is best for you?
The ZSentry Ballot product has the highest voter participation rate and voter usability feedback. Includes provisional ballots, that do not require an email address to vote, and a weekly reminder function that are useful to actively drive voter participation. Offers a range of election features in order to better serve diverse customer needs, including write-in votes. Safevote will further assist you in choosing the best product for your election, that brings the most value to your organization.

For a quote, and product recommendation, please use our form Request Quote >>
In planning your election, please take into account that starting your election involves several mutual steps, best divided along 30 days. Expand / CollapseRecommended election plan timeline.


Safevote products integrate all services required in the different phases of an election, without security gaps. Safevote meets or exceeds all the current technical requirements for legally-binding private sector Internet voting in several countries, including the US and in Europe. Safevote also meets or exceeds the election requirements currently in test for legally-binding public sector Internet voting.

Safevote assures election privacy, security and integrity with a patent-pending, end-to-end ballot control technology including voter registration, ballot distribution, auditing, tallying and reporting. Auditing is integrated with every election phase, even during the election, to prevent and detect faults. Customers use Safevote to provide a better experience to voters, with less cost and liability.

Typical Election Process
Phases of a typical election process, clockwise from the top.

Safevote's online voting technology makes the entire election process a "closed circle", where everything must be not only verifiable but actually verified, from the initial qualification of information to its final use that must be based on that qualification.

Safevote adds a useful layer of trust in the election. Safevote shields the customer from the voter authorizations (Credential Creation, Distribution and Management) and ballot processing, reducing customer liability and potential conflict of interest situations.

Safevote offers two ballot authentication methods: CF and CL. Either method can prevent a voter from casting more than one ballot, keeping the rule of "one person, one vote". With CF (the default method), only the first ballot is counted. With CL, however, voters are allowed to vote multiple times but only the last ballot is counted, which is useful to allay concerns of vote-selling and coercion.

The customer can also choose the language to be used in the ballot, and in all instructions given to voters. Four languages are currently available: English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. Additional languages can be provided upon request.

The products can be further customized. Candidates or races can be chosen from a list, or using write-in fields. Each election race may have its own election rule, such as "choose one" or "choose at least four". Different ballots can be distributed to different classes of voters, in the same election, by defining the respective ballot styles. Candidate and issues to be voted may include biographies, short statements, long statements, photos, streaming videos, audio or any other media that can be encoded in browser pages. Voter choices in a page may be rotated from voter to voter, assuring that all candidates or issues receive top exposure. An election may have a default ballot, with choices suggested by an election committee, making it faster to vote for those who accept the default ballot. Voters may ask for human verification that their ballot was indeed received for tallying.


Would you like to focus on election clients and let Safevote provide the infrastructure?

Licensing is available in the Safevote Election Partner Program. If you are interested, please visit our Partners page.

Public Elections

Safevote stands ready to certify and conduct Internet and electronic voting in Public Elections, where accepted. Where the certification of Safevote's system depends on legislation still being discussed, Safevote is able to conduct Public Election Trials.

If you are interested in setting up a Public Election or Trial, please visit our Public Elections Page >>

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